Lucy discovered her interest in jewelry design early on. Her inspiration and style stemmed from her passion for art, an unconventional sense of beauty, and longing for unique craftsmanship.

Growing up as a young artist, her passion for design ignited once she met and married Toros Kejejian, designer and President of Tycoon jewelry, and the inventor of the patented Tycoon cut diamond. Eager to advance her knowledge of diamonds and precious gemstones, Lucy enrolled in a gemology course at the prestigious GIA and AGS. From then on, it was the beginning of a bright future. 

After working side by side with Toros for so many years and spending time designing, manufacturing, and perfecting craftsmanship, it was finally time to share her own creative vision - to start telling her own unique story. Her solo journey began when she was approached by TV Shopping Networks to design her own collection, called “Dare to Rare”. With this opportunity, and along with the support of her family, Lucy was inspired to ultimately wanting to create and develop her own brand, LUCY MALIKA.

LUCY MALIKA jewelry was established in 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

With a strong passion to design pieces that are truly unique, push the boundaries, and continuously strive for excellence, her mission was to enhance female beauty and blend timeless pieces with contemporary style to achieve an effortless, everyday look. With a keen attention to detail and an eye for natural beauty, Lucy aims at paying tribute to femininity as a whole and offering women not only a piece of jewelry, but the experiences, memories and stories that come along with owning a truly unique piece which will last for generations. She places importance on four factors in her designs: beauty, look, feel, and fit. Lucy creates alluring designs that are electric, confident and reflective of her daring and unique personality.


“To be inspired is great, to inspire others is incredible.”