LUCY MALIKA is a fine jewelry brand based in Los Angeles, created by Lucy Malika Kejejian.

Besides being her maiden name, Malika means queen in the Mediterranean world. As such, the brand was birthed from the idea of embracing and celebrating the woman, or queen. LUCY MALIKA jewelry is as unique as the women who wear it. Each piece is individually hand-crafted with unique, intricate details, taking craftsmanship to another level. Each piece radiates with confidence and empowers the woman who chooses to wear it. A woman is like the best quality diamond: flawless, brilliant, vivid, and beautiful. Our mission is to offer quality and hand-crafted pieces to accompany women from diverse lifestyles throughout their own special, unique experiences.

LUCY MALIKA pieces are designed and handcrafted with extraordinary care by our artisans with beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced natural diamonds.